TORPAZ International Trade Co. Inc. founded in Istanbul-Turkey, is a specialized company in foreign trade.

Since its inception, TORPAZ, with quality-based service approach, aims to
co-operate foreign companies wishing to supply the various product groups from Turkey. The company was successful in doing so and has gained credibility.

TORPAZ  International Trade Co. Inc, serving clients in all world markets.

The main mission of our company is to increase the volume of foreign trade of our country by providing communication between the foreign buyers and firms inTurkey in various sectors of productionand/or sales.

For this purpose, our company has adopteda service approachand developed a structure that can meet the different needs of domestic companies.

As we are able to provide services from A to Z for companies aiming to start export, for companies already marketing their products abroad we offer research services for new markets and communication with foreign customers already in our portfolio.

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