No limit on your creativity

Printed tufted carpet is created through carpet printing machines which apply pattern to a ‘white’ tufted carpet surface by injecting dye through high pressure jet heads, allowing optimal dye penetration for outstanding colour and design clarity. Thus enabling unprecedented freedom to create inspiring, unique carpet designs.

Especially latest tecnology H.D. (High Definition) carpet printers (can print 9.000.000 pixel in one sqm) are unique which can print endless colors and designs. Dinarsu goes into production by using these superior carpet printers. It allows us to produce unmatched carpets for our customers. H.D. carpet printers  have a lot of advantages over ordinary carpet printers where each color must be pre-mixed in advance.

H.D. carpet printers offers;

• Easy Sampling,
• Unlimited Design variety,q
• Unlimited Colors
• Environmentally Safe production (less waste water)
• Flexible production
• Just-in-time delivery
• Brillant shades with best speed

You can create your designs harmonizing with other textiles, ceramics and furnitures in your living area. If you desire unmatched and superior quality carpets, we are at your service.

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Domination effect, competitive exclusion

The mechanism of Actipro™ is based on the domination effect. The probiotic finish covers the complete textile surface. The Actipro™ microflora are active organisms that thrive under the same conditions as unwanted bacteria. When a food source is dropped on the textile, the harmless probiotics will eliminate this food source rapidly as they are abundant on the surface. This rapid action gives other bacteria a decreased chance of consuming the food and thus preventing a flourishing of the strain.