An avantgarde touch to velvet

Carpets with a velvet pile have very smooth, elegant cut pile finish. Another benefit is that this type of carpet is extremely low maintenance, as the pile is usually quite short, but very dense. Adding a little luxury to any location, velvet offers colourful designs and a great feel.

Product700 gr VELOUR PA6
Carpet TypeWall to Wall Cruise Carpet
Pile Weight (gr/m2) (+/- %5)700
Stitches Per (/m) (+/- %2)650
Total Weight (gr/m2) (+/- %5)1745
Pile Height (mm) (+/- 1 mm)7,5
Total Height (mm) (+/- 1 mm)11
Primary BackingWoven Polypropylene
Secondary BackingActionback
Soil & Stain ResistanceDinarsu Carpet Protector
Pile YarnPolyamide